Andria Tupola For Hawaii Governor 2018

In the Blue politics in Hawaii 2018 gubernatorial election, Andria Tupola made an effort to flash a red wave. 

I followed her campaigns for months before the general election night where she lost the race against her democrat candidate and present governor of Hawaii David Ige. Contesting for the governor of Hawaii means facing concerns other candidates or the present government doesn’t face—like she stated her role of supporting charter school swallowed by lava. More than that, I thought for Andria Tupola, the challenges were even bigger as she was running as a Republican in a democrat dominated state. 

In her campaigns, Andria Tupola tried both differentiate herself from the mainstream Hawaiian politics, and from current Republican examples of leadership. Staying with her I’ve seen her integrity and her strong trust in her principles and in how she can help make life better for Hawaiians. 

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