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Treasure from Old Hawai‘i

If ever taken a stroll through far in Palolo Valley, anyone would generally notice kids playing in quiet neighborhoods, people hanging out in the parking lot and wild pigs fighting on the backyard. Palolo Valley Homes part of Palolo Valley community sits deeper in the valley against the Koolau Mountains, away humming Kaimuki. Serving homes to thousands of low-income residents, this place carries a legacy of ancient Hawaii. Some of the residents have lived here for over 50 years and have returned to “Palolo Valley” which they no matter what refers to "home."


For years, the Palolo stream running through the valley divides is acting as a border that divides the community in the federal and stateside. Coming from the entrance, up until the stream is the federal side called the “Palolo Valley Homes,” operated by an association formed by community members. Whereas the stateside known as the “Mutual Housing,” maintained by a private company.