January 6, 2021:

Storm in the U.S Capitol

A day, which started with the President encouraging his supporters to “take back our country,” later transformed into chaos. Filling with anger, mostly unmasked, Trump breached the U.S. Capitol, stoked by his obstinate speech claiming the election had been stolen from him.

Different types of supporters seen through out January 6, 2021, in Washington D.C 

Tens of thousands of supporters appeared in chilling temperatures in Washington D.C to hear the President speak at space infornt of the White House South Lawn, then eventually marched to Capitol and ascending up the staircase. They made their intentions past the Capitol doors into the chamber and lawmakers’ offices. Washington, DC’s mayor later declared a city-wide curfew, from nightfall through the next morning.

Late evening, Washington police started to invade the rioters and push them down the staircase of the capitol. Before National Guards arrived at the scene police individuals remained as a wall on the west side of the building.