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Back in my high school years, most of my breakfasts were about sipping my tea and reading the newspaper but I would not forget the time I paused and stared at the front-page photo for quite a bit. It was a photo of former President Barack Obama framed within the confetti after winning his first term. The photo stretched throughout the front page and I couldn't help myself from searching up the photographer and his affiliation. That’s how I was introduced to photography, to be more specific, photojournalism. Behind my school’s curriculum, I began to research the specifics of photojournalism and how it is different from simple photography. The more I dove, the more I was mesmerized to see the diversity in that field but above all, I was fascinated by the work of the White House Press Pool photojournalists. Since then, I have had my heart set on one day becoming a photojournalist working for the press pool. 

Growing up in Bangladesh I did not have enough scopes to implement the basics of photography but moving to Hawai‘i for my undergraduate degree was my biggest leap towards my career.


Current:  Visual Journalist, The Dallas Morning News

Previous: Photo Intern at Associated Press in Chicago, Deseret News in Salt Lake City, UT

University Hawai’i at Manoa: Media Communications & Business (Management Information Systems) (Fall 2021) 

Work recognized by Eddie Adams Workshop XXXIII, College Photographer of the Year, College Media Association, Associated College Press, Society of Professional Journalists, Boyd's Station, America Reimagined and the University of Hawai‘i

Bylines in Honolulu Civil Beat, Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal, Hana Hou Magazine (The Magazine for Hawaiian Airlines), American Reportage, Boyd's Station and The Curious Society

Member of Asian American Journalists Association, National Press Photographers Association, White House News Photographers Association and Diversity Photo



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