Editor: "Breaking news, car crash Dole St."

Me: "On my way!"


Sometimes I wake up from the bed like the above text conversation. To me, this is the best part to be a journalist, not knowing what is waiting for me. My drive for covering news comes from this uncertainty, which further led me to venture into other enterprise work. It is the passion that has brought me to this job and has given me the experience of working with the White House, different local politicians, covering issues related to Native Hawaiian rights, and doing individual pieces. I hustle and remain persistent in getting what is required within the deadline.


I was born and raised in Bangladesh. Things are very different over there in terms of the US. The sense of individualism is unforeseen when collectivism influences people to be emotionally dependent on family members. Being the firstborn, my whole family has enormous expectations for me to establish in life. I was raised in a very prominent school in Bangladesh, where I had invested no time thinking about "what I want." Most high school goers including me couldn't think out of the box except receiving good grades, getting admitted to a good "public" university and later choosing to be either a doctor or an engineer. During that situation, it took a great deal of courage to convince my parents about my decision to be a photojournalist. My dream has made me leave my comfort zone and move to Hawai' I for my higher studies. My willingness to challenge myself and vacate my comfort zone will be a vital journalistic skill I would bring in my future newsrooms I join. 

My work has won 2016-17, 2018-19 UHM Student Media Board Excellence Award, 2018-19 Pinnacle Awards 2nd Place Best Breaking News Photo by College Media Association (CMA) and honorable mention and Finalist at General News Photo of the year by Associated College Press (ACP)

I moved to Oahu, Hawaii in 2016 for pursuing my undergraduate studies in Media Communications & Business (Management Information Systems) from the University Hawai’i at Manoa. I am currently working as the Photo Editor at my College newspaper Ka Leo O Hawaii, where I have first experienced the taste of newsroom work environment. Since then I felt a connection with photojournalism. 



shafkat@hawaii.edu | (808) 392 4304

Cell: +1 (808) 392 4304 Email: shafkat@hawaii.edu

Currently based on O'ahu, HI

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