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Parish Episcopal Rosettes drill team upholds Texas tradition

The Rosettes are advancing the art that the Kilgore Rangerettes pioneered.

For the past 10 years, the Parish Episcopal School Rosettes have performed at football games, advancing the art that the famous Kilgore College Rangerettes pioneered decades ago.

Director Meghan Bowen said drill teams like the Rosettes mimicked their uniforms after the Rangerettes. They also take on the responsibility of upholding Texas tradition and adding an element of excitement to sports. She said it’s more than just the pageantry of the game.

“We are in Texas. We are wearing boots, hats, belts and we are on the field doing a high kick routine. It’s the impressiveness of the precision.” Bowen said. “We work hard to get them to look that good.”

Performing in a drill team is a form of art, not a sport, and requires a high level of athleticism and skill through strength training and cardiovascular conditioning.

While dancing is based on skill, drill team Captain Alexa Plumlee said the sisterhood and the bond deepened through day-to-day training keep the dancers in sync mentally and physically.

“Even though I’m in front of some of them, I know some of them watch me, and I still meet with some of them outside of my time so they can get it and understand it. And then the closer we are together, I feel like we dance better as a team,” Plumlee said.

Bowen’s greatest hope for the dancers is that the Rosettes become a part of them and that their friendships and experiences go beyond high school.

“Those are the friends that you can call on when you need them later on in life,” she said.

Pitched and published for the Dallas Morning News